9 Ways To Be The Best Homeowner/Neighbour In Your Community.

9 Ways To Be The Best Homeowner/Neighbour In Your Community.

To help you become a better neighbour, here are basic tips from Exodus & Company on how to become the best homeowner in your neighbourhood. These basic tips are provided as part of Exodus & Company’s role in the building of communities.

Tip 1: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbours.
After moving to a new neighbourhood, make it a point to introduce yourself to your neighbours and be as friendly as possible without crossing boundaries or invading private space. It is part of creating togetherness spirit by greeting your neighbours whenever you see or meet them. It is also important to exchange contact numbers in case of emergency; neighbours can call on each for help in case of need or under emergency situations.

If you have new neighbours in your neighbourhood, it is important to welcome them where possible, to make them feel welcome and loved in the new neighbourhood.

Tip 2: Participate in community initiatives.

Modern communities require active involvement of home owners and residents to keep the neighbourhood in good shape in terms of cleanliness, crime control, social interaction, landscaping and infrastructure maintenance. It is the responsibility of every owner or resident to participate in all community initiatives aimed at improving the community itself. Participation on clean up campaigns, campaigns against crime, community get together activities, neighbourhood environmental protection etc are some of the initiatives homeowners must embrace in their communities.

Where needed, a good neighbour volunteers to take community responsibilities, in order to impact on their lives positively and the well-being of the neighbourhood at large.

Tip 3: Maintain good appearance of your home.

Your relationship with neighbours can be badly affected by the way you maintain and look after your home; both inside and outside. A homeowner should maintain the exterior appearance of their house/home and lawn to the same standard as the rest of the neighbourhood. Trimming plants, cutting lawn, avoiding littering, painting and repairing broken and damaged external areas of one’s home would go a long way in protecting the beauty of the neighbourhood as well as preserving the value of homes in the neighbourhood.

As part of the expected upkeep of your home/house, it is paramount to make sure that trees, shrubs, tree climbs, spreading shrubs and weeds don’t creep or overhang into your neighbour’s yard and make an unsightly look.

Tip 4: Be considerate in use of public or common areas.

A good homeowner is the one who understands that common areas like roads, open green spaces, and similar public spaces are for use by others as well and use them respectfully.

Tip 5: Party Responsibly and Keep the noise level down.

A good homeowner respects others in the neighbourhood by keeping the noise level down. Where you have gatherings, functions and parties, you should notify the neighbours well in advance so they can plan for the day. Your neighbours would understand and tolerate more increased noise level on a particular day if they know the reason for the increased noise level as compared to noise coming out of unannounced event. A good neighbour must respect time limits and be reasonable on engaging in any activity that causes noise. In addition, a good neighbour must inform his/her neighbours to let him know should the noise become unbearable. One should flip situations and consider how they would feel if awoken at night to loud music being played next door. The noise must be kept to a considerate level and where possible, the neighbour must close doors and windows so that less noise is heard outside.

Furthermore, when you have a party, make sure there is enough space for your friends to park their cars without blocking your neighbours’ driveways.

Tip 6: Keep pets within Home Boundaries.

Though most people keep pets in their homes, it is important to know that not everyone is a lover of a dog or cat or any other pet. A responsible homeowner must keep the pets within his/her home boundaries to avoid the hazards some pets like dogs can cause to neighbours and passers-by if left roaming the streets unattended. There are some neighbours who may get serious discomfort from interacting with pets and it is advisable to put dogs and cats on a leash when taking them outside your home.
For the safety of the neighbours, a neighbour should have his/her pets fully vaccinated and on a leash when outside your neighbourhood. Let your neighbours know that they can come talk with you if your pets are bothering them.

Tip 7: Don’t create a home-based business

If your home is not designated for business but for residential use only, running a business from it may cause discomfort to your neighbours.

Tip 8: Put your trash out at the right time and day.

In order to keep your home clean and make your neighbours happy, take out your trash according to the collection schedule and correct trash containers must be used.

Tip 9: Deal with Issues maturely.

Managing conflict is one of the key issues required to maintain a good relationship with neighbours. If you have some conflict or dispute with your neighbour, you must calmly deal with the issue in a mature and calm way, instead of being involved in heated arguments with them.

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This article was written by Exodus & Company as part of its public awareness responsibilities.


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