Damage to Our Roads – Madokero Estate

This is a follow up to our Client Update number 12, dated 30 October 2013.

We continue to notice that some stand owners are using extremely heavy truckloads to deliver building materials to their stands, causing severe damage to our roads and access culverts. The roads are made largely for light motor vehicles and not for industrial use and therefore, they are susceptible to failure from excessively heavy loads.

Consequently, it is now prohibited to deliver loads exceeding 30 tonnes through our roads. Furthermore, we urge all stand owners to encourage each other to adhere to this regulation in order to avoid more destruction to our roads. We are building our community and let us protect its infrastructure together.

On the same vein, we would like to advise that we have taken note of damages caused to some of our roads so far and that we will repair them soon after the rain season.

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