Frequently Asked Questions
1What are the sizes of stands on offer?
We have various stand sizes. Some as small as 365sqm right up to 1798sqm. However, as a medium density development, most of the stands are 400sqm.
2What is the price of the stands?
We are currently selling stands at $50.00 per square meter. So the price of each stand is determined by the size of the stand.
3What payment terms are on offer?
Initially, one would pay a deposit of 10% of the price and pay the balance over a period of your choice up to 5 years. Now, we are carrying out mop up sales, and the deposit has been raised to 50% and the balance is to be cleared within months 12 months in line with the current sales.
4Do I get a discount if I pay cash?
The $50 per square is the cash price and those who opt to pay over time bear some interest cost. Therefore, when you pay cash for the stand you avoid interest and other financing costs.
5Are your operations above board?
We do everything according to the laws of the land and the laid down procedures for land development.
6Do you have a sub division permit?
Subdivision permit number SD/WR/01/12 dated 10 April 2012 was granted for the project by the City Of Harare and copies are available for inspection at our offices.
7Have you completed any other projects?
We have completed the servicing of 52 low density stands in Bluff Hill along Lavenham Drive on the west side of Lorraine Drive.
8Why do you need all the details you require on the application form?
Basically, it is so that we can gain a better understanding of you our clients. We can then be in a position to tailor make future products and facilities to suit your requirements.
9When do you expect to finish development work for all the stands in Phase 1?
We have had challenges with the contractor who has been delaying doing the work, and we have now since taken over direct control of the works. Our new target date is 30 April 2014.
10When do you expect to have finished development work for phase 2?
We are targeting 30 June 2014; subject to how long the rain season will take.
11Can we stockpile building materials on my stand before I have paid 50% of the cash price and development work is not yet complete?
No. Stockpiling of materials is only allowed after City of Harare has issued a Certificate of Compliance for your stand and when you have paid at least 50% of the cash price for stand.
12When I have met the requirements for building, am I allowed to build a cottage?
A temporary structure may be erected on the stand to store construction materials. The residential stands have no room for ancillary buildings.
13Why is my statement opening balance higher than the cash price?
The statement opening balance sums up the monthly installments as the remainder of the loan granted to you in order to purchase the stand on credit after the payment of the deposit. Please note that the installment includes a component of interest and other financing charges therefore installments do not add up to the cash price of the stand.
14Why can’t I have my own house plan drawn independently of the developer?
In order to realize the full potential value of our collective investments on this project, all buildings must meet clearly set down minimum architectural standards.
15Can we get the building materials on site?
“Workman”, an industrial hardware concern, has already set up shop at the site office to meet your building material requirements and eliminate transport costs.
16Do you build houses for buyers of stands?
Currently we do not have any facility for house construction as Exodus & Company (Private) Limited, but we work in conjunction with partners such as VakaAfrica (Private) Limited and Sunrise Construction for this aspect of the work.
17What happens to my stand upon my death?
The ownership of the stand will be dealt with according to your will and the law relating to deceased estates, wills and inheritance in this country. However we do have an optional insurance product through our partner, FML Assurance, which pays off all outstanding obligations in the unfortunate event of your demise. Your survivors would therefore not need to worry about taking over the obligation to pay installments.
18Who is behind Madokero Estate project?
The project leader is Mr. Exodus Makumbe, founder and former CEO of Premier Banking Corporation, now Ecobank.
19Can I see a copy of the Madokero Estate Draft Constitution?
Yes, the draft copy of the document is available from our offices.
20What is going to happen to the dam?
We have plans to rehabilitate the dam and incorporate it into a recreational theme park designed for the area.
21Can I pay my installment using South African Rands?
In the currently obtaining multi-currency regime, you can make payments in any currency that is convenient to you. However our project accounts are US dollar denominated, we will credit your stand account in our books with the net proceeds of the disposal of any such currency at the prevailing bank rate and after any other transaction costs.
22Are you on Ecocash?
Not presently but we are considering various payment options and Ecocsah is one of them.
23Where are your offices?
We have 2 offices; at 7 Dungarvan Close, Borrowdale and at the project. For our offices in Borrowdale; If you are coming from the CBD, please go past the traffic light at Sam Levi’s Village Shopping Centre. After about 500 meters take the first left hand side turn and then turn immediately right into Dangarvon West Road, so that you move parallel to Borrowdale road for about 300 meters and the turn left into Dungarvan Close. Proceed straight to the end of the close.
24What is an “Access Culvert”?
An access culvert is the structure that looks like a “small bridge” which constructed at the entrance of the stand to enable access across the storm water drain that could be running in front of a block of stands.
25What is the cost of the access culvert?
The cost of each access culvert is USD600.00. It is paid as a once off payment separately from the usual monthly installments.
26Are your offices open on Saturday?
Yes, our offices are open every Saturday until 1300 hours, and we extend the closing times to 1500hrs on the last and first Saturday of each month.
27When am I going to get title deeds in my name?
Title deeds will be processed in your name when you have finished paying for the stand provided the development work has been completed and Certificate of Compliance issued by Harare City Council. Title deeds are currently being processed for those who have completed paying for their stands, which have been certified compliant by City of Harare.
28Where do I find your lawyers handling the processing of title deeds?
Our lawyers are Sawyer and Mkushi Legal Practitioners and their offices are at 11th Floor, NSSA Building, Corner 2nd Street/ Park Street. Attention: Mr Chiremba or Mr H P Mkushi.
29What Documents do I need to submit to Lawyers for the processing of Title Deeds?
You are only required to provide a copy of the agreement of sale and a copy of the National ID
30Is the above all that is required before Title Deeds are processed in my name?
No. Our lawyers will notify you of the City Council bills, which will have to be paid for 3 months in advance in order to get the Rates Clearance Certificates. After you have paid for rates, as well as the other costs discussed above, the lawyers will submit your papers for registration of title in your chosen name. Sometimes, you may be called for an interview with ZIMRA as part of measures to confirm the transaction sale price for tax purposes.
31Can I use my own lawyers for transfer of title?
The normal procedure for transfer of title is that the seller nominates the lawyers to carry out the transfers. In this case, we only use our Lawyers, Sawyer & Mkushi Legal Practitioners.
32What conditions do I have to fulfill before I start building?
In order to take possession of the stand two conditions must be fulfilled:
1) City of Harare must have certified that development work has been completed according to the sub division permit.
2)The purchaser must have paid at least half (50%) of the cash price for the stand, but subject to the approval of the Developer on the basis of the track record on paying installments.
33Do you have other projects?
We are working on several potential sites for other projects. We will soon advise clients of the details after completing the preliminary work on the projects.


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