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Application to Purchase a Real Estate Property on Credit Terms or Cash

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INSURANCE: It shall be compulsory upon the purchaser to ensure that credit and any other risks of whatsoever nature that
may and/ or will arise out of the purchase of the property are insured at the purchaser’s expense with the
insurer of the seller’s choice.

PERIOD OF DELIVERY: Delivery of occupation and possession of the flat shall be made according to the agreed dates and as per the
terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement of sale to be executed by the respective parties.

PERIOD OF RESERVATIONS: Reservations of flats shall remain valid only to the extend that the required property is still available and such
reservations shall automatically fall away by reason of unavailability of the required property as and when
such unavailability occurs.

SERVICE ADDRESS: If you reside outside the country, you are required to provide an address in Zimbabwe for purposes of service
of documents

I / We do hereby declare that information that I / we have provided in this form is true and correct. I / We also hereby authorize verification of the information provided from any source deemed necessary