Company History

Exodus & Company (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean registered company, which commenced operations in December 2007. The company is registered as a private limited company, under registration number 32378/2007 and is wholly owned by indigenous Zimbabweans.

Guided by the founding purpose and the passion for improving the quality of life of people, the company has anchored its service to customers on timely and efficient delivery of quality output, leveraging on past experiences, respect for all and commitment to high work standards.

The company made its mark in the housing development industry in Zimbabwe from the development of Madokero Estate, a mixed-use housing development in Harare, Zimbabwe, which was completed in December 2015. The project won the Chartered Institute of Project Managers Zimbabwe (CIPMZ), “Best Project Development of the Year 2016” award.

Buoyed by this success, the company successfully undertook many other housing projects of varied sizes. By December 2016, the company had completed the construction of 318 modern garden apartments and houses, serviced more than four thousand residential, industrial, commercial and institutional stands, thereby providing shelter to more than five thousand families.  

During the same period, the company completed design-build construction of a private primary school, an industrial complex, and a fuel service station among other projects.

In recognition of the quality of work the company delivers and sound management practices it follows, the company was recognised with the “World Business Leader Award 2015” by the World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB), the “Quality Achievements Award 2015” by The European Society for Quality Research and the “World Quality Commitment Gold Award 2014” by Business Directives Initiative.

From June 2016, the company has embarked on a journey to transform itself from a housing development company to a general contracting and design-build company. The scope of activities for the company increased to include infrastructure and complex buildings construction.

Madokero Residential Estate

This is a mixed use and integrated housing development on 202 hectares. The project comprises of 1700 housingunits, 30 industrial stands, a regional commercial centre, a medical centre, 5 schools and many other social amenities provisions.

Our role was the construction of a bituminous surfaced road network of 30km, construction of a bridge, and water and sewer reticulation of 40 km in length.

The project, which was commissioned in August 2012, is on target to complete by 31 December 2014.

Madokero Apartments

The project comprises the construction of 450 modern apartmentsof 2 and 3 bedroom in size. Our role in this project involved financial andproject planning, architectural designing, civil and structural designing, construction of the necessary infrastructure and the apartmentsthemselves as well as project management.

The project is spread over 2 phases. The first phase comprising the construction of 235 apartments will be completed by end of June 2015 while the other phases will be executed thereafter.

Bluffhill Residential Development

The project was a joint venture with the Government of Zimbabwe, and comprised the development of 52 medium to low density residential stands in the Bluffhill suburb of Harare. The project involved construction of a road network of 5 km, water and sewer reticulation systems. The project was completed in 2012.

Madokero Commercial Centre

The project will involve the construction of a shopping mall on a 6 hectare piece of land within Madokero Estate. Currently we are carrying out commercial feasibility studies for the project, with the assisatnce of Urban Studies of South Africa.

Madokero Business Park

This project has involved the construction of 30 industrial units on stands measuring about 4000sqm. Construction progress is at 25%.