How We Do It

General Contract (GC)
As a general contractor, we provide construction services in housing development, infrastructure construction, buildings construction and earth moving services. In addition to our 10 years experience in construction industry, we also work closely with our business partners who also bring diverse skills and experience. The combined experience and skills guarantee best solutions to any type of project.

Design- Build (DB).
Our design-build approach brings together the experience, knowledge and skills throughout the business in planning, designing and construction, making project delivery processes simple and smooth. Through this approach, we deliver a comprehensive package for project delivery from design to construction as the only point of reference to our customers.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP).
We have a wide experience in working with the public sector in delivering housing projects in Zimbabwe. Through PPP, we help the government to deliver on its mandate on housing and public infrastructure that improve the socio-economic circumstances of a community or country.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).
Our wide experience and capabilities ensure that we accomplish practical designs, procure appropriate resources efficiently, and construct  and deliver a complete working facility or asset in line with the contract promise. The commitment to quality and respect of time and people drive us to deliver high quality projects and buildings to the satisfaction of  our customers.

Project Management (PM)
Through in-house design and construction expertise, we manage and supervise all aspects projects from detailed design and construction while ensuring customers’ objectives on quality, scope, cost, and timing are successful met.

Principles that drive us.

In support of our purpose and in the search for success and excellence, we are driven by:

Promise: We honour all promises and commitments to our stakeholders.

Execution: We focus on high standards of quality, conformity and timely delivery.

Experience: Past experience and lessons learnt form the source of our inspiration for continuous improvement.

Respect: Treat and respect people for who they are; always acknowledging our differences.

Shared Interest: Promote participation with our stakeholders. Learn and leverage from experiences of others. Seek and welcome advice.