Upcoming Projects

Madokero Commercial Centre

The CBD is 6-hectare project, zoned for a regional commercial centre. The project has a privileged and strategic location in Harare, only 11 KM from Harare City Centre, along the busy Kirkman Road, and is surrounded by several well developed high and medium density suburbs. We would welcome investors for an outright purchase or partnership arrangement. We are very confidant that the commercial centre will offer sustained consumer market share and presents a good business opportunity to the investors.

Madokero Schools

There will be two private primary schools and one secondary school. All the schools require investors on a joint ventures basis. Madokero Schools are located 10km to the west of Harare, and in the Madokero Estate. The schools will be accessible from surrounding suburbs like Tynwald North and South, Westgate, Bluffhill, Westlea, Kuwadzana, Dzivarasekwa, Ashdown Park, as well is other areas.

Madokero Medical Centre

Madokero Medical Centre is a suburban medical facility situated in Madokero Estate, Harare, with a client base catchment area covering Tynwald North and South, Westgate, Bluffhill, Westlea, Kuwadzana, Dzivarasekwa, and Ashdown Park. There are no similar facilities nearby, and residents in Madokero Estate and nearby suburbs are forced to travel to the City Centre for medical attention and to buy drugs.The facility is available for rental, on a BOT arrangement. We have great confidence that this facility offers sound business opportunity to the medical service providers.

Madokero Manor (Phase 2)

Madokero Students Accommodation (Planning & Design Stage)

Mabvazuva Gardens (Planning & Design stage)


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